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Sushi Gyoshin

in Hawaii

Discover a hidden oasis nestled on Piikoi St, where culinary wonders await. Our carefully curated selection of the freshest fish, sourced from local Hawaii and Japan's renowned Tsukiji Market, will captivate you. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted by Hiroshi Tsuji, a culinary artisans who value traditional sushi. From mouthwatering small plates to exquisite sushi creations, every bite is a flavorful journey. Experience the magic at our inviting counter, where you can witness the artistry firsthand. Welcome to a place where passion, craftsmanship, and exceptional taste harmonize.

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Fresh fish sourced from Japan and local fish markets

Experience the freshest catch from Japan's vibrant fish markets. Our culinary artisans select only the finest and most flavorful fish for your plate. Transport yourself to the shores of Japan with our authentic oceanic taste. Immerse in the exquisite flavors of our meticulously sourced seafood and embark on a unique culinary journey.

About Us

About "Omakase Sushi"

 Omakase sushi is a traditional Japanese dining style where the chef curates a personalized dining experience for the customer. The term "omakase" translates to "I'll leave it up to you" in Japanese, indicating that the diner entrusts the chef to select and prepare a variety of dishes, often sushi, based on the chef's expertise and the availability of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

 Omakase sushi is considered a culinary journey where the chef showcases their skills and creativity, offering a dining experience that goes beyond simply eating sushi. It's an opportunity for the diner to trust the chef's expertise and enjoy a meal tailored to their preferences and the chef's culinary vision.

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Hiroshi Tsuji

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